About us

About Us

Encore Legal is a vibrant, up to date nationwide law firm with a progressive and innovative attitude. We offer a range of legal services and our passion is to provide the best service possible.

You can be confident that you will be treated with respect and understanding. We always strive to achieve the best result for you.

We provide a full range of Property Services throughout London, Kent and the surrounding areas. We have the experience to foresee the issues that may arise on any transaction and tailor our advices to our clients accordingly. We provide a quality service and the solicitors overseeing our clients transactions have obtained law society – Quality Conveyancing Accreditation. We always work in a professional, friendly and efficient manor to progress transactions as swiftly as we can.

What drives us

We are driven as a team, and as individuals, to provide an outstanding legal service to all our clients.  We aim to always provide straightforward, proactive and supportive advice to progress matters along to the best possible solution in all the circumstances.

We are a modern firm who do not shy away from technology or flexibility as they assist us working with our clients in the 21st century.

No complete no fee

We work on a strictly no complete no fee basis. This is very important to us as a firm because it takes some of the stress away from our clients. Our clients can be safe in the knowledge that should they decide they no longer wish to move or lose their dream home they will not have to pay us a large bill on top.

Further, this arrangement allows clients to instruct us sooner in their home move as often clients don’t instruct their solicitor until they have an offer accepted. With Encore Legal you do not need to do this and it can be a great help to all involved if you instruct your solicitor as early as possible.

If you instruct your solicitor early you allow them to get a head start on your transaction. Encore Legal will use this time to complete all of the usual ID and other checks that we need to carry out along with getting anything we can prepared for your transaction ahead of time. All our clients love this about us feel free to ask us about the practical benefits of this and remember there is no risk as you pay no fees at all until you complete.

Pricing and Efficiency

We pride ourselves on efficiency and flexibility. We ask at the outset what your ideal transaction would look like and we work to achieve that. We have certain ways of working that ask far as we know only we do but it dramatically speeds up the average transaction.

We do not offer the cheapest conveyancing in the market and we are far away from the most expensive, we offer the most efficient and flexible service and an average price. Feel free to get a no obligation quote from us and ask what we can do to help in your situation.


We seek to maintain an inclusive and diverse working environment and build trusting and lasting relationships with our employees, suppliers and clients. We promote our employees and clients and celebrate their success.  We commit to working hard and achieving the very highest of standards in employee contentment and client care.


No matter what the Nationality, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Belief, Ability or Disability of our clients or employees, we will ensure they have an environment to excel and feel a part of our organisation.  Any concerns raised or perceived will be addressed in a fair and appropriate manner with full consideration of all the circumstances and people involved.

Diversity Statement

We will never discriminate or persecute anyone because of their Nationality, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Belief, Ability or Disability. We promote ourselves where possible to employ a diverse workforce.

We will never pass judgement on any person, situation or belief and work as closely as possible to protect everyone.